How will the 75th anniversary of VE Day affect the Early May Bank Holiday?

As many of you know, the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) occurs next year and this will affect the Early May Bank Holiday.

The UK Government's rationale was to give people the opportunity to plan and take time off to celebrate the end of World War Two. Most importantly, VE Day should honour and remember the many heroes as well as the sacrifices that they made. So, how exactly will this affect the Early May Bank Holiday?

Friday 8th May will be the early bank holiday in 2020 and NOT Monday 4th May.

No one should be worse off as a result of the change, so getting this wrong could result in a breach of contract or the Working Time Regulations 1998. Don’t forget, workers have an entitlement to a minimum amount of annual leave per year!

For most, this will be a straightforward change. Friday will be the day off with normal holiday pay and, as a result, employees will come in as normal on Monday.

Employers who normally remain open on bank holidays won’t have many issues. This is because their employees are likely to have the same amount of annual leave already incorporated into their holiday entitlement. Which they are also free to request off when they like.

There may be confusion amongst employers and employees in organisations that normally close on bank holidays however choose to remain open on the Friday. In addition, the Early May Bank Holiday change will impact those employers who have part-time staff that work on Mondays and Fridays.

Should you require any help or advice regarding this then please contact MP Human Resources. Our HR Consultants are more than willing to provide you with accurate HR advice.