How to avoid HR Challenges during festive season?

How to avoid HR Challenges during festive season?

During the festive seasons, we face a high volume of HR challenges. Most of these challenges tend to occur at either the office Christmas party or during the Secret Santa reveal. This is a time of celebration and festivities however some folks can get a bit too enthusiastic. Most employers want their team to enjoy themselves and have fun but within reason. The last thing anyone wants is an HR issue during the most joyful time of year. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful as well as respectful towards your colleagues while enjoying the company festivities.

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Avoid Secret Santa Fails

Secret Santa is supposed to get your employees in the Christmas spirit. Afterall, it’s the season of giving but sometimes an anonymous gift from a colleague that was supposed to be funny can send the wrong message. It never feels great if you are on the receiving end of a suspicious gift. Here’s some of the worst office Secret Santa gifts ever & how to stop them. In addition, Metro has a few suggestions on presents you definitely shouldn’t give to your coworkers for secret santa.

Employers must communicate a set limit to employees on how much they should spend on a Secret Santa gift. They should also mention that gifts need to be appropriate for the workplace. Communicate this effectively via email or HR Software in order to avoid any HR challenges over December.

Awkward Office Christmas Party

A popular British business tradition is the Office Christmas Party. Like many other traditions, the party will often involve alcohol. During our research, we discovered that the internet is littered with awkward stories of what intoxicated colleagues have done during their Office Christmas Party. As a result of some poor behaviour, employees have either faced disciplinary actions or even termination in some cases. Most importantly, everyone felt awkward facing colleagues at work the next week.

As an employer, you must communicate and encourage your staff to drink responsibly. As an employee, you must ensure that you act professionally and avoid subjects that may become offensive to your colleagues. The objective of an Office Christmas Party is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun.  

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How can employers prepare for the festive season?

  • Review your existing Christmas party policy or create one to set clear and appropriate guidelines. Chat to one of our HR Consultants if you need help.
  • Employers must effectively communicate the revised or new Christmas party policy to employees. Using HR Software with a read a receipt function is particularly helpful in these circumstances.
  • Employers must encourage responsible drinking and highlight the repercussions of poor behaviour.
  • Invite everyone to take part.
  • Be clear that taking part is optional and there is no pressure to participate.
  • Set a maximum amount for gifts.
  • Highlight that gifts should be appropriate for the workplace.

How can MP HR help you?

Our HR Consultants are experts in employment law, with real-life experience in all types of industries. As a result, we have extensive knowledge in all manner of HR Scenarios. We are constantly updating their skills with new Employment Law and Legislations which ensures our HR Professionals will always provide you with accurate advice. Our HR Consultants can review company documentation to ensure you are fully up to date and legally compliant. Our user-friendly, cloud-based HR Software has been designed to save you time in managing all your employee data. MP HR’s Workforce Management software also allows you to upload documents, employee photos, polices as well as company handbooks. Furthermore, there's an option to add a Read and Accept function for any documents or policy changes. You may want to change or update your Christmas party policy, for example, in order to avoid any HR challenges during the festive season.

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